I studied writing at the “School of Hard Knocks” and “University of Life” getting my degrees in “Fine Arts of Common Sense” with a minor in “Epic Ass-Handing.”

Being pansexual, I enjoy writing a variety of LGBTQ characters with diverse ethnicity and sexual orientations, and a pinch of magic thrown in for good measure: or in other words stories about everyday people in fantastic situations.

Essentially, I read a lot to keep the voices in my head quiet. I write a lot to keep the voices alive.

When I’m not writing, I’m supporting my husband and wife, (yes, you read that right – I’m polyamorous), being caretaker of minions, (losing track of how many – it’s like they multiply), you might find me crocheting, watching Deadpool or South Park again, or attempting to be Defender of The Universe.

Slight Disclaimer: All Universes exist within my imagination. Any attempts to access it may result in serious mind-bending alterations. You’ve been warned! Happy reading!



Mary Black Rose

PS – You can also find me writing Lesbian BDSM Romance under the pen name Mistress Black Rose.

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THE STRANGER is 10k word short story, written in folk-tale style, with a sprinkling of LGBT characters.

Barb has long held onto her feelings of romance for her good friend Greta, but Greta can’t get over her feelings for her possibly deceased husband who went to war many years ago. 

Other residents such as old-time neighbors, Harold and Seth, will also have to take a better look at the details of their long-held argument.

The Stranger moves into town like a quiet shadow, and when he leaves no one will remember him, and they will never be the same.

EVEN STRANGER is the 10k word sequel to THE STRANGER.

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